Shoviv PST Merge Software

Merge Multiple PST File Into One With The Help Of Facinating PST Merge Software

If you have a number of PST files in your system and you are facing trouble in accessing its data, then take the help of PST merge software and combine all the files to create one. The software has unique feature combining PST of different size, and creating the one. Some other attributes of this software are:

  • You are allowed to pick multiple PST files at one time.
  • The software allows you to merge two and more PST files without any issue..
  • Different options are there to combine two or more than two PST files. The options are: merge, join and merge contacts folder.
  • Meta data of the email remain maintained even when two or more PSTs are combined.
  • The software merges the files without consuming much time.
  • It is able to merge the folders of PST as well.
  • There is no size limit present with regards to merging the data, the software has the ability to merge unlimited length of PST files.
  • All merged files could be saved in a new PST file as well in the existing file.
  • The software is capable of merging ANSI and UNICODE both types of file.
  • The software shows the process of PST merging within the tool.

Other Exciting Features Of PST Merge Software

Merge Selected PST Files

Multiple PST Files Could Be Selected

The software offers an amazing option of merging multiple PST file at a time. Means, if you have more than one PST file to be merged, you do not have to merge it again and again. On the contrary, all could be combined at a time, by importing the file in software one after one in a single attempt.

Merge PST Files

Merge PST Files With Ease

The software PST merge, allows you to merge data of two or more PST files easily. It merges the similar folder like contacts of two or more PST will be merged to create one folder of contact and the thing same happens with other folders as well, such as inbox, outbox, sent items, trash and other folders.

Merge Number of PST Files

Merge PST Files with Merge option

The software is able to merge, a large number of PST file to create one and combine all the data of different folders together. While merging the data, it keeps the properties of mail intact, no changes are being made in it after the merger. All items like emails, contacts, calendars, etc will be merged without making changes in that.

Merge PST files and contact

Merge Contact Option- Merge PST Contacts

If you want to merge the contacts of different PST files into one exclusively, then the software has the option merge PST contact. With the use of this option, all the contacts present in different PST files will come together. No change in the meta properties of contact folder happens during the merge process.

Merge with join option

PST File Merge With Join Option

When multiple PSTs will be joined using this option, then a new PST file is created along with new folders to save the data of all PST files. The folder name for the PST file will be the similar as it was for the PST files those were joined together.

Show Progress Report

Progress Report Is Shown

You can see the progress report of merge process, while software merges the data, before the final joining of data is done. This helps you to make changes in the process if required. Moreover, the data can be saved in existing PST files or to the new one.

support ANSI and UNICODE

Merge Both ANSI And UNICODE PST File

If you have both ANSI and UNICODE format of PST file, then also you can combine both the files easily. The software allows you to combine ANSI as well as UNICODE PST file.

Support all window and Outlook Versions

Supportive To All Windows Versions

The PST merge software runs smoothly on all versions of Windows. Therefore, you can install it on your PC without any hiccups. From earlier to older version of Windows OS can be used with our PST Merge application to merge PST files.

Merge any size of PST files

Merge PST Files Of Any Size

No matter if the PST files you want to merge are of small size or became bulky, the process of merging them will not be disturbed in any manner. So, get the PST Merge tool to overcome the hinderances you are facing while using the Outlook PST files.


System Specifications

  Hard Disk:100 MB of free hard disk space

  Processor:1 GHz Processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)

  RAM:512 MB of RAM (1 GB is recommended)

Supported Versions

  MS Outlook (both 32 and 64 editions):Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 versions.

  Support Operating System (both 32 and 64 editions:Microsoft Windows 10/8.1/8/7 & all below version, Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008/2008 R2/2012/2012 R2

  Virtual environment:Hyper-V Server 2008/2008 R2/2012/2012 R2, VMware and Microsoft Virtual PC

Application Pre-Requisites

  Microsoft Outlook should be installed and configure properly.


Frequently Asked Questions

The PST merge software only take the data from the file to join it, it does not alter the original structure of PST file. Thus, it remains untouched in the same format once the PST merge is done.
The PST merge software ensures no data loss, and this is the reason it has added the attribute of real time merging process check.
The size new or existing PST will remain within the safe limit to avoid corruption in the file. Still, you can collect detailed information about this from the technical support team of the software developer.
No, you are not required to take any type of technical assistance, because the interface of software has been kept very easy and simple. Moreover, at every step instructions are provided by the software.
No, the condition to merge PST files is, it should remain healthy. You need not to worry with the file size of PST files.